Shang Zhixiao

Shang Zhixiao (male),Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Normal University.

In charge of the overall work of the Party committee of SDNU, responsible for the work of the party's construction, cadre and organization, and in charge of the office of the Party committee and the Organization Department of the Party committee (Party School).  

Academic Title

Professor in School of Marxism, PHD of Law, Doctoral Supervisor

The first batch of philosophy and social science leading talents for the national "10 thousand people plan"

A national famous cultural scholar

An expert on the research and construction of the central Marxism theory

Subject evaluation expert of the National Social Science Fund

The first batch of young and middle-aged experts who made outstanding contributions in Shandong province , enjoys the special allowance of the State Council 

President of Shandong Provincial Philosophy Association     

President of Shandong Province Marxism Research Society       

President of Research on Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities of Shandong Province

Educational Background

Bachelor of Education, Department of Political Science, Shandong Normal University (1983).

Master of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Renmin University of China (1986).

Doctor of Law, Shandong University (1997).        

Work experience

Served as an educated youth in the countryside after graduating from high school in 1975.

Served as a ground service worker and publicity worker in a state-owned metallurgical enterprise in 1976.

Served as a lecturer, associate professor, professor, Deputy Director of the Editorial Department and Institute Director successively in Shandong Provincial Party School.

Served as a member of the Party Committee of Shandong Provincial Party School in October 1999.

Served as Vice President of Shandong Provincial Party School in April 2001.

Served as Party Secretary of Shandong Normal University in May 2010.      

Research Fields

Research on philosophy, Marxism theory, the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the party's doctrine and the party's construction. Published more than 200 papers and 30 books. As the chief expert, he took charge of the National Social Science Fund Project "to promote the Chinese traditional culture and modern research", three research projects of the national social science fund, eight Shandong Academy of social science planning projects, 12 research projects entrusted by Shandong provincial Party Committee. He attended the seminar jointly held and sponsored by the central decision theory, the Central Propaganda Department and other ministries , participated in the Central Committee and the relevant state ministries and the Shandong provincial government on major theoretical and practical issues of the research discussion and consultation activities. In August 2012, with the invitation of the Central Committee of the party and the State Council, he was received by Xi Jinping. In May 2016, He was invited to attend the National Symposium on the work of philosophy and Social Sciences, and received by general secretary Xi Jinping.