Tang Bo

Tang Bo (male),President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Normal University.       

Academic Title

Professor in School of Chemistry and Materials Science and Technology
Doctoral supervisor
Part-time professor of Nankai University
Part-time doctoral supervisor of Shandong University
The chief scientist of the 973 program
Selected in "Advanced Taishan scholar program"    
Member of Ministry of chemistry and chemical engineering  of the seventh Commission on science and technology of the Ministry of Education
Member of the twelfth, thirteenth expert group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China
Director of Engineering Research Center, Ministry of education for pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates
Director of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education for molecular and nanoprobe
The  person in charge of the "12th Five-Year" chief subject of analytical chemistry in Shandong province
The academic leader of the "12th Five-Year" Key Laboratory for the construction of solar chemical transformation and storage in Shandong province
The academic leader of the Key Laboratory of fine chemicals cleaning synthesis in Shandong province
Provincial leader in Chemistry subject , analytical chemistry of SDNU
Head of the first class subject of PhD authorization of Chemistry
Head of the chemical center for post-doctoral studies  
The team he leads is the innovation team of the Ministry of education "the Yangtze River scholar and innovation team development plan" and the excellent innovation team of Shandong province. 

Educational Background

Doctor of Science, Department of Chemistry, Nankai University (1994).                 

Research Fields

Research on synthesis of molecular and nano fluorescent probes and its application in biological imaging, green chemical industry, synthesis of fluorescent materials and solar chemical conversion and storage of solar energy.          

Honors and Awards

The first ten best national scientific and technical workers nominee winner(the only one in Shandong Province)
The gainer of National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation
National candidate of "Tens of Thousands of Talents Project in the new century"
Two Second prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award.
Two first prizes of Shandong scientific and technological progress award
One first prize of Technical Invention Award        
One third prize of China’s Invention and Entrepreneurship Award (2007)